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Stretch your food dollars with SNAP.

Get more fruits and vegetables when you spend your SNAP dollars at participating farmers markets and grocery stores. It’s easy! For example, spend $10 on your EBT card, and get another $10 to buy fresh fruits and veggies, locally grown in Virginia.

Here’s how it works at a farmers market:

Here’s how it works at a grocery store:

Do you qualify for SNAP benefits? Find out and apply here:


“As a SNAP recipient, I truly value the incentive program as it allows me to buy fresh, healthy foods with my SNAP card, and get extra funds for fruits and vegetables. I care for my elderly father and this program helps my family have access to healthy foods despite our financial limitations.”

– Alin
Spotsyvania Farmers Market SNAP shopper

“Learning what to eat in my nutrition class then being able to shop at the Lynchburg Community Market with my [SNAP Benefits] has changed my life.  I am in recovery… now I know better and do better.”

– Robert
Lynchburg Community Market SNAP shopper

“When the Farmer’s Market did not accept SNAP I was unable to shop there for my family. Now, not only do I shop there but I do so year-round. The doubling benefit helps with affordability… My children eat more fruits and vegetables because of this… they enjoy shopping for produce.”

– Lisa
LEAP Market SNAP shopper in Roanoke VA