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As a SNAP recipient, I truly value the incentive program as it allows me to buy fresh, healthy foods with my SNAP card, and get extra funds for fruits and vegetables. I care for my elderly father and this program helps my family have access to healthy foods despite our financial limitations.

QuoteAlin, Spotsyvania Farmers Market SNAP shopper

Learning what to eat in my nutrition class then being able to shop at the Lynchburg Community Market with my [SNAP Benefits] has changed my life. I am in recovery… now I know better and do better.

QuoteCarrie Ann, Lynchburg Community Market SNAP shopper

When the Farmer’s Market did not accept SNAP I was unable to shop there for my family. Now, not only do I shop there but I do so year-round. The doubling benefit helps with affordability… My children eat more fruits and vegetables because of this… they enjoy shopping for produce.

QuoteLisa, LEAP Market SNAP shopper in Roanoke VA